Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This Just In...

Cinderella's castle down in Disney World? Totally tits.

My lovely fiance and I (you can find her fantastic work on deviantART) just got back in from a quick jaunt down in Disney and man, it's a whole different world down there. The Magic Kingdom park is completely seamless - one second you're in Florida and the next - BAM! Giant mice, beautiful buildings, and... Well, more giant mice.

The weekend prior was the madness which masquerades as New York Comic-Con. Having nothing new to sell (sorry, kids!) I opted to make the most of the designated "Professional" hours on Friday and spent time catching up with old friends, getting to know the new brass at Archaia (formerly ASP Comics or Archaia Studios Press) and nailing down our AWAKENING Vol. 1 release.

What's that? You want to know wheeeeeeeen?


The book is getting a re-list in Previews for a June release, so all of you scalawags and rapscallions who were kind enough to go to your local shop and ask them to order a copy, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to do it again. Ditto for anybody who placed a pre-order through Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon, and all the like.

What's great about this, though, is that we've got another shot at spreading the word around! In the coming months we're going to have some really cool stuff online to help hype the book, including details on all the NOICE supplemental material we've put together and a sweet sweet trailer that you can share with all your existential horror reading pals!

Great for the kids!

In other news, I mentioned in my first post that a buddy of mine was starting up a pop culture blogzine for which he asked me to contribute an article (and thus, I HATE COMICS was born). That buddy was quite possibly the first Awakening fan - patient zero, the outbreak monkey. His name is Quarry and he's been stuck on Awakening since before it even found a publisher. A really great guy with excellent taste, I'll encourage you now to friend him on MySpace as well as checking out the blogzine, which went live last month at ¿Yo porqué? A mi no me importa.... It's in Spanish, so hopefully some of you are bi-lingual (my article is in all its English glory, however) but if you're not, be sure to share it with your friends who are, mmmkay?


Awakening artist Alex Eckman-Lawn and Martin Lawrence... Separated at birth?!

Arrrgh, mateys - it's Pirate Captain Nick, prepared to fight back all things which vex pirates like scurvy and ham shortages!

Alright, enough screwin' around! It's time to hunker down and get to work. I have a script in progress, scripts which need to be in progress but aren't, a book still brewing, artists to wrangle (need some updates for THE DESK!), and who knows what else knockin' around in my head...

To work!

- Nick

NEXT TIME: I HATE COMICS, Article the Second - I Have to Buy HOW MANY Issues?! The Art of the Crossover (Part 1)

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