Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Awakening Pre-Order Initiative: Week 11


Awakening Volume One. 32% off. DO IT NOW! And make sure you get all your friends to join in - tell them they're not cool if they don't get a copy (remember - it's allllll about the peer pressure).


Or, if you prefer, you can go in to your local Barnes & Noble and reserve a copy. You know you want to.


Did you guys see CBR last week? No? Well then you missed Awakening on the front page with not only a sweet preview/interview but an exclusive preview of the full first chapter of Awakening Volume One, supplemental material and all! Get over there and peep it!


And though not press related per se, if you're sick of waiting for me to update on ye ole weekly blog here, check out @AwakeningComic on Twitter for up to the minute updates as they roll in!


Before we get to the con schedule (which has been amended slightly, no Otakon this year, so take note), I'd like to pause for a moment and say thank you to all the convention goers at all these wide and varied comic-cons we do, just for being you. Over Memorial Day weekend I got to attend my first ever anime convention. And, while Jackie (http://volatile-tifa.deviantart.com) was hard at work...

I was behind the table with my jaw on the ground. Why?

This, folks, is a Mifa. It's a man-Tifa (Final Fantasy VII) I can honestly say I'd never even contemplated a Mifa before, let alone imagined I'd see one.

I love my job.

Other notable cross-dressers include Mikku (man-Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2):

And Meach (man-Peach from Mario):

Some personal faves that I caught through the weekend included a nurse from Silent Hill:

The Thunderkittens:

Darkwing Duck (!!):

Dan (from Street Fighter):

And this guy:

The back reads "Seriously. Freaks."

Love it.

Below is a listing of our upcoming convention and panel appearances - more to be added as they're booked.

PRE-RELEASE! (No hardcover, no Alex - just my smiling face supporting my lovely and talented fiance, Jackie Santiago)
Big Apple One-Day Summer Show (June 13th with Jackie Santiago, Mark Holmes, and Luke Mierisch)

DEBUT! (First time the hardcover is available folks - get 'em hot off the press and signed by the most daring and debonair comic creators you know)
Wizard World Philly (June 19th to the 21st in Artist Alley with Jackie Santiago, Mark Smylie, Kate Glasheen, Dave Rodriguez, and a host of other friends)

Panel Announcement! In addition to debuting Awakening Volume One at Philly, Alex and I will also be taking part in a Return of Archaia panel at the show. It'll be from 12pm-1pm on Saturday, June 20th in room 204A

The Return of Archaia
After a brief hiatus, Archaia, formerly known as Archaia Studios Press, has returned to publishing high-quality, creator-controlled comics, including titles like Mouse Guard, The Killer and Artesia. Join Mark Smylie (publisher of Archaia and writer/artist on Artesia), Nick Tapalansky (writer of Awakening), Alex Eckman-Lawn (artist on Awakening), Kate Glasheen (artist on Hybrid Bastards!) and David Rodriguez (writer of Starkweather: Immortal) for an inside look at Archaia’s returning titles, upcoming books and exciting new projects!

San Diego Comic-Con (July 22nd - 26th with Archaia)
New York Anime Festival (September 25th - 27th in Artist Alley with Jackie Santiago)
Baltimore Comic-Con (October 10th and 11th with Archaia)
Albany Comic-Con (November 1st with Jackie Santiago, Mark Holmes, and Luke Mierisch)


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We love you.

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  1. I don't know what's scarier. The Mifa or the fact that the Mifa looks like a friend of mine who is a cross dresser. Freaky.

    Can't wait to see this book on the shelf!! What date does it come out?