Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wicked October Plans Part 1

First of all, a big thanks to everybody who's been helping out the book by sharing our "Open Letter to Comic Shops." The letter is still being retweeted on Twitter (Are YOU following @AwakeningComic yet?!) and finding it's way onto new blogs every day thanks to you, and Alex and I can't thank you all enough. All the emails I've been getting back from shops have been really excited about Awakening and they're glad to have been able to check out the book before ordering it just to stock it (i.e., without a customer request).

Those of you who read the letter might've noticed a little mention about a big October event... The details are still being finalized BUT part of it includes a few comic shop stops for signings and we want to know where YOU want us to go. We have to keep it to the east coast for now, I'm afraid, but we can get as far south as Baltimore pretty easily, depending on how we schedule things. Here's how we're shaping up so far:

Baltimore Comic-Con: 10/10 - 10/11
Brave New Worlds - Philly Fresh, PA - 10/24
??? (It's a secret to everybody) - 10/28

If you want us to pop in to your shop to hang out, sign books, and nerd out, drop me an email at Nick.Tapalansky@gmail.com and we'll see what we can do!

Some quick hits:

New interview and Making Of feature with Mr. Alex Eckman-Lawn over at Graphic Novel Reporter!

Great review of Awakening Volume One over at View From Heaven!

A fun interview with yours truly, conducted by Bryn Colvin, writer of the forthcoming Hopeless webcomic (watch this space for details!)

A very kind review over at Comixology

Titanium Rain's first hardcover is now available for pre-order at your local comic shop! Hop in there and demand it!

Places on the interweb you should be:

SpookyChan.com has gone live! Check out the work and news of Chandra Free, creator of Archaia's upcoming The God Machine.

Shadowgirls written by Starkweather: Immortal creator, Dave Rodriguez - awesome webcomic, the #1 Horror Webcomic, in fact, last I'd heard...

Yon Kuma is another sweet webcomic written by another Archaia writer, Josh Hechinger, writer of the very-nearly-released Grave Doug Freshley!

, the interweb lair of the wiley and talented John Reppion and Leah Moore, authors of a multitude of great sequential fiction including The Complete Dracula and The Trial of Sherlock Holmes, not to mention Raise the Dead.

Off to fix myself a plate of spaghetti and dive into some ::gasp:: WRITING! With Awakening Volume Two already written and a few other bits already done, what's a guy to work on next? Mystery, Adventure, or Horror? Hmmm...

We love you.

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