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Awakening Pre-Order Initiative: Week One

Alright, depending on who you're going by, we're anywhere from 9 - 12 weeks away from the in-store release of Awakening Volume One! Last week we launched Mission: Existential Horror Zombies In Your Face (or, EHZIYF for short) with our pre-order coupon, a.k.a. Phase One, that you can just print and bring to your local comic shop to pre-order a copy of the book.

Phase Two is coming next week and is a pretty cool one if you ask me... More on that next Friday.

Speaking of Friday's, keep checking back every Friday for updates, including online pre-order info (we've got something really cool in the works), advance reviews and interviews, blogs, forums and message boards of note, some really cool previews, convention and signing announcements, info on other books you should check out and more! It'll be a one-stop shop for all things Existential Horror Zombies In Your Face.

First up this week - the first advance review for Awakening Volume One is in! This one brought to us courtesy of Marc Mason and Avril Brown over at Comics Waiting Room 3.0:

Posted by Marc Mason at 3/31/2009 8:43 PM
Categories: archaia studios press
Written by Nick Tapalansky and Illustrated by Alex Eckman-Lawn
Published by Archaia Studios Press

Zombies really freak me out, and it is stories like AWAKENING which do not let me forget that fact. More than just another scary monster story, this is one of the most incredibly illustrated and uniquely written comics I have ever read. Zombie, comic and art fans of all sorts should not hesitate to pick up this book and marvel at it for years to come.

Tapalansky takes his time effectively building suspense surrounding the strange and gruesome things happening in Park Falls and keeps the mystery alive, even after encountering several ‘zombies,’ of what exactly is causing these horrific events. This is not an instant epidemic or ‘guy wakes up in a coma after several months’ type of zombie story. Things are gradually getting worse, spreading slowly out from Park Falls, and there is no real pattern to explain why. The main characters are likable and easy to become invested in; an important aspect of a zombie story since you’re never sure how long someone is going to be alive. The journal pages of Derrick Peters, a cop-turned-private detective and the story’s leading man, add a personal touch and insight to the narrative.

The artwork in this book is simply stunning. The amazing mosaic of different media displayed throughout the pages completely vibes with the story and is a veritable feast for the eyes. The mixture of standard comic panels with gritty lines and noir color schemes and full pages of artwork so fine and beautiful you cannot tell whether it was hand drawn or a photograph from the early 1900’s creates a hazy, dark mood suiting for the story. The whole effect is, quite frankly, completely cool.

AWAKENING is a fantastic creation of unlimited imagination, superb writing and pure talent, and is without a doubt highly recommended for anyone with a taste for a slightly different kind of scary story that grips your brain and doesn’t let go."


How's THAT for a great start?! Now, as soon as Alex stops strutting around with a mirror and telling his reflection that he's "simply stunning" and I stop dancing to Joe Esposito's "You're the Best (Around)" we'll get back to work...

Also, if you want to check out a fun interview I did with Comic Book Monsters (awesome site with a great forum), you can find that here:

Nick Tapalansky talks Awakening


The word about our impending release has been spreading, thanks in no small part to all of our friends and supporters out there picking up the ball and running with it. I want to call out a bunch of them here and encourage you to check out their books, blogs, or anything else they've got going on:

First, our buddy Todd Dezago (Tellos, Perhapanauts, Spider-Man) was great enough to post up our pre-order coupon and gush openly about Awakening in his thrice-weekly Perhapablog! Get over there and check it out! Don't forget, Alex and I have a two-part back-up story in Perhapanauts #9 and #10 due out over the summer. If you haven't been reading the book - get on it!

Also, just got turned on to Omnicomic, a blog run by Jonathan Pilley. He jumped on the Awakening train and ran with it hardcore! Check out his pimping of the book on his blog and watch that space for an advance review and interview soon!

Next up, our pals Kat Rocha and Josh Finney, creators of Archaia's Titanium Rain (Coming this summer!! Can't wait!) were awesome and posted up a little press release I threw together about the pre-order coupon. Visit their main site for their book by clicking here - Titanium Rain - and their blog here - The Hangar. If you dig some deep and thoughtful sci-fi (think Ghost in the Shell: SAC) then you owe it to yourself to get in on the ground floor here.

Speaking of Archaia creators, your buddy and mine Alex Sheikman (Robotika) has a double-sized issue of Robotika: For A Few Rubles More coming out in June too! And, what's this? A pre-order coupon you can print and bring to your comic shop (along with your Awakening coupon of course)! Click the image and download that sucker to get yourself a double-helping of the second Robotika mini (and, if you missed it, the first hardcover).

You can find out more about this amazing Sushi Western (as opposed to Spaghetti Western, get it?!) by checking out Alex's blog - Moonstruck.

Also from Archaia in June, while we're on the subject: Some New Kind of Slaughter! You can find author A. David Lewis (Lone and Level Sands) over at his website, Caption Box, with more info about his second collaboration with artist mpMann, a really unique book bringing together diluvian myths - that's flood stuff for the nonedumacated (like meself). More on this, Robotika, Titanium Rain, and more as the releases get closer...

That's it for this week...

So, our first week of straight pimping has kicked off strong. We've got tons of cool stuff lined up and you'll be seeing it all here over the coming weeks so stay with us as we blaze a trail of glory all the way to our exciting June release! In the meantime, please keep on helping us spread the word: put the coupon up on your blog, show your retailer our listing in Previews, tell your friends and send e-mails, text messages, and twitters about it - this release is going to be an EVENT and everybody's invited!

Seriously, we couldn't do this without you. Keep doing what you're doing and we'll keep putting books in your hands.

We love you.

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